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Inspiring Change, Transforming Attitudes

We believe that organisations can go way beyond compliance in safety and health and towards sustainable excellence by improving leadership, culture and performance.
We enjoy working with organisations who want to inspire their people to take better care of themselves and those around them by becoming intrinsically motivated to create better decision making at all levels.
That’s why we developed our two totally unique programmes that can be applied across all industries –
They’re already making a difference to the leaders, managers and teams across the world within forward thinking organisations such as Amazon, BAE Systems, So… Read more


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IOSH Accredited Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety

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Our Behavioural Science course is perfect for senior executives, SLTs, middle leaders, managers and supervisors in any industry. They’ll learn how to create a “want to”, rather than a “have to” attitude towards safety and health.
Want to be the very best safety professional that you can be? Learn the principles of performance psychology that are used by elite performers in sport, the arts, the military, healthcare and other areas of performance to enable you and your team to excel in your chosen career.
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Benefits of us working together


Our world class learning experiences are great for leaders and safety specialists alike. Change the way your team thinks, feels and acts about safety and teamwork.


We can support you on a long-term basis to encourage sustainable excellence in any field. We're passionate about people and building long-term relationships based on mutual trust.


Our innovative learning experiences are quick, easy, and inspire you to come back for more. When we lead, we never rest on our laurels and love to work with people who feel the same.


Our case studies

Discover exactly how some of our long term corporate partners and delegates have created change as a direct result of taking our courses.
Behavioural Science for Leadership in Safety Worcestershire County Council
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Performance Psychology has helped me to plan for my own performance. I’ve had a total mindset change. Now, instead of focusing on what’s gone wrong, the focus is on what’s gone right – and doing more of it. I’m applying what I’ve learnt to my work in sales and quality and getting the best out of myself and others.
Kiashlin Naidoo
Quality and Regulatory Affairs Specialist, bioMérieux
Behavioural Science has, without doubt, been one of the most well received training courses I have ever been involved with – the feedback from those attending has been incredibly positive, with many people commenting on how ‘it changes how you think’. The greatest compliment I can give, is that you have undoubtedly made LondonEnergy a safer place to work.
Jim Kendall
Managing Director, LondonEnergy

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