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Our IOSH Accredited Performance Psychology Course

The world’s best athletes, musicians and performers are bound by a common trait – a commitment to sustainable excellence, a striving to be the best version of themselves that they can, every day. They understand that their psychological framework and mental skills are even more important to get to the very pinnacle of their profession as their physical attributes.
How do they do that?
Our IOSH Certificated Performance Psychology for Safety and Health Professionals program is here to show you how. And the great news is that our physical attributes are not nearly so important as they might be for an athlete or musician.
Our success, or otherwise depends entirely on our psychological characteristics that can be purposely developed just like we might develop our stamina or strength.
Imagine a world in which our leaders always put their best foot forward, working unconditionally to achieve outstanding results at every turn. Imagine a classroom where every student felt motivated to grow in the firm belief that their efforts would pay off.
It’s not a fantasy. You can be that person – both the leader and the student. All it takes is a shift in perspective.
This course draws on current research and practise in the psychology of excellence to help you take that leap. Applicable to a wide range of fields, from sports to the performing arts, the military, and the emergency services, we’ll show you how to apply those principles to create success in your chosen career.

Who’s the course for?

Our IOSH Accredited Performance Psychology for Safety and Health Professionals course has been developed with IOSH for aspiring or experienced safety professionals all around the world. Many HR Professionals, Project Managers and even senior leaders currently serving in the armed forces have also told us how the course has helped them become even better in their area of performance too.

If you’ve ever asked the question, “How can I really improve myself?”, either in the workplace or generally in your day-to-day life, then understanding the psychological factors that lie behind improvement and excellence is the key to unlock your true potential.

This program will introduce you to the key factors related to both individual and group performance. You’ll learn everything you need to start developing yourself and your team in a meaningful way – and start inspiring others in the process.

You can complete our performance psychology course in 6 to 8 hours, and once purchased, you keep access to its content and resources for a whole year.

Learn from the comfort of your own home, office or workspace.

Take your time, or complete every module in just one sitting. The choice is yours.

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What to expect from our performance psychology course

The Psychological Characteristics of Developing Excellence
We’ll look at some of the core principles of performance psychology and how you can use these tools to develop the same characteristics in yourself and others. What this does is create sustainable excellence in the world of safety and health.

Preparation for Performance

Start to think like an elite athlete by preparing for performance in a deliberate and better way. We can do this by identifying areas where we need to be really good and great, and in areas where we need optimal performance.
Coping with Pressure and Challenging Situations
We’ll be sharing strategies for coping with pressure. You’ll learn how to reframe fear through your internal dialogue by using it just like excitement. By thinking about it in a different way, it will help to launch you forward and perform better
How Elite Performance Coaches Inspire Excellence
The way we communicate our message, the language we use and the way we listen to the communication coming into us, is critical in safety performance. Active listening and asking people for help and how we can do better, is a great way of moving towards sustainable excellence.
Goal Setting for Elite Performance
Let’s think differently about what success looks like in our environment – what does success look like to us as individuals? You’ll also learn how to rethink how to measure your own performance and convince others that there are better ways of measuring our performance.

Think Like a Champion

Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy (REBT) is used in lots of different areas based on the principal that our thoughts, feelings and behaviour are intrinsically linked. We’ll explore how these three things impact our behaviour and our performance.

What our delegates say

Wow, this course has totally changed the way we think about performance. There’s so much we hadn’t realised.

Formally Accredited by IOSH

IOSH are the largest and most respected professional body for safety, health and wellbeing in the world.

We're delighted to have been among the first to gain formal accreditation for bespoke courses in such specialist subject areas as behavioural science and performance psychology and how they can be applied to improve safety performance.


How much does the course cost?
Our IOSH Accredited online courses cost £325.00 per delegate. That includes all six modules, the IOSH assessment at the end of the course and your official IOSH Certificate in Behavioural Science for Leaders or Performance Psychology for Safety Professionals.
Do I need a background in behavioural science or psychology?
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How long does the course take to complete?
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